FindFace Service and Face Tracker Terms of Use

General Provisions

The FindFace Service (hereinafter referred to as "FindFace Service") is provided by N-TECH.LAB LTD. Users of the FindFace Service are required to enter into an agreement with FindFace Service and must agree to the following terms and conditions by selecting "I Agree". By selecting "I Agree" the User is agreeing and guaranteeing that they will adhere to the following requirements:

  • To strictly follow all local laws and regulations which govern privacy and personal data usage for the User's country of residence.
  • To strictly follow all local laws and regulations. This requirement will remain in effect for the entire duration of utilizing the FindFace Service.
  • To obtain written authorization, or as otherwise prescribed by the local laws of every country that the User is operating from.
  • The User is required to diligently inform every individual whose personal data, including the individual's photographs and images that the User intends to process through the utilization of the FindFace Service.
  • To seek legal counsel PRIOR to utilizing the FindFace Service.
  • To guarantee that any information uploaded by the User has been authorized by the individual, and is in compliance with the laws and regulations of the User's jurisdiction.
  • To confirm that the User is utilizing the FindFace Service at his own risk, and without a warranty of any kind.

Since the FindFace Service is provided by N-TECH.LAB LTD, Bitrix. Inc, is no way responsible for the Service and makes no claims or guarantees with regards to the Service accuracy or availability, nor provides any technical support or consultations about the Service.

Face Tracker Service Availability

Face Tracker services are provided inside Bitrix24 Cloud accounts, and may not be available for certain areas (countries).

Equipment Requirements

To use The FindFace Service, you need to have a video camera (web camera) connected to your station (laptop, computer), with access to your web browser. Some video cameras or web browsers may not be compatible with Face Tracker services.

Face Tracker

The FindFace Service provides access to the Face Tracker module that can recognize faces manually or automatically. In manual mode, Face Tracker will recognize a face only when a user clicks the corresponding button. In unattended (automatic) mode, Face Tracker will recognize all faces taken by the camera and save new faces to the database.

Face Tracker Fees

To use the Face Tracker module, you need to have Face Recognition credits. With each face recognition instance (a new client/employee entry, or matching to an existing record), Face Tracker will deduct credits from your Face Recognition balance. Face Recognition credits are purchased for one month. The default pack includes 1000 Face Recognition credits which are spent according to the following fees:

  • New face recognition (new record) - 2 credits
  • Exiting face recognition (matching to an exiting record) - 1 credit
  • Matching to a social media profile - 10 credits

Unspent Face Recognition credits expire at the end of each month.

If 1000 credits are spent in less than a month-time after the purchase, your Face Recognition balance will be topped up automatically for the same amount. You can disable the automatic Face Recognition balance top up option for your Bitrix24 account, here: CRM > Face Tracker >

Use of Personal Information

You hold full responsibility for the use of personal information according to the laws and regulations of the country you use the FindFace Service and the Face Tracker module in.


Bitrix. Inc, is no way responsible for the FindFace Service and makes no claims or guarantees for the FindFace Service. By accepting the terms and conditions of this service agreement, the User agrees to and confirms that the FindFace Service, nor Bitrix, Inc. collects or processes any data uploaded by the User. The user confirms that the FindFace Service, nor Bitrix, Inc. has any knowledge of the circumstances under which the User has collected the data, photographs, or images. The user agrees to hold the FindFace Service and Bitrix harmless for any and all actions and inactions of the User.

Dispute Resolution

Binding Arbitration: Any dispute, controversy, interpretation or claim including claims for, but not limited to breach of contract, any form of negligence, fraud or misrepresentation arising out of, or from or related to this agreement shall be submitted for final and binding arbitration.