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Janitorial CRM PRO
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An industry-specific ready-to-use CRM for janitorial, disinfection and pest control companies.

With deal stages and entities, sales funnels and client cards that mimic real business processes of the janitorial industry, this CRM will make you feel at home! No learning curve!

Although janitorial and disinfection services have been around for a long time, the Coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted the need for better sanitary practices in homes, offices, and establishments.

Due to this, Janitorial and disinfection services are now in high demand. The influx of requests can even sometimes be overwhelming!

Our ready-to-use CRM will not only help you keep track of all your clients, but it’ll also help you track and manage every step of your business processes.

You are guaranteed higher conversion rates, a unified work plan for your employees, better resource allocation and management of your company and more!

With our CRM, you have an EFFECTIVE WORKING TOOL!

Usage Scenarios:

      1. Easily handle large orders

  • A well-designed sales funnel allows you to digitize all stages of working with clients;
  • Enter all order information directly into the transaction card. All important fields are already preconfigured;
  • Assign the person responsible for the execution of an order, taking into account their workload and free time. An interactive calendar allows you to see what an employee is doing and when;
  • Monitor all stages of transactions: evaluation, coordination of value and date, payment, work and completion of the transaction. For each stage, automatic notifications are configured for the manager and contractor. Minimize the number of overdue orders and improve the quality of your service!
      2. Process multiple orders quickly

  • We set up a simplified deal card to fasten work with private clients.
  • After clarifying details with a client, set date, time and job executor(s) immediately in the transaction card. Executors will receive a notification with details of the order;
  • For further work on deals, we provide sales funnel stages. They allow you to maintain the current status of the deal as it is.
  • Reminders are sent to managers whenever there’s a delay in any stage of the transaction.

     3. Working with regular clients

  • Enter all information about orders in transaction cards. Every necessary field is provided.
  • Set time and date for jobs, appoint employees to execute. Staff responsible for cleaning/ disinfection will receive notifications every time a new job is filled in their calendar.
  • Monitor client payments and upd ate transaction status using the sales funnel.


This is the first Bitrix24 industry-specific CRM for cleaning and disinfection, which comprehensively caters to the needs of your business:

  • Convenience & Organization - Save and manage your entire customer base fr om one place. No need for several applications.

  • Systematic - Pre-prepared and defined transactions stages. Your team works uniformly.

  • Transparency - You are always informed of what is happening with the client at every stage of the transaction process.

  • Offer your clients better service - reduce customer response time, process orders immediately they come in, increase loyalty and customer retention.

Adapting business processes to your specifications

If you would like specific business processes that are peculiar to your company, we will modify or create entirely new business processes for your company, with which you can:

  • Cut down expenditure, save valuable company resources;

  • Increase staff efficiency in dealing with clients;

  • Boost sales, increase conversion.

Bitrix24 tariff plans for which this solution is available
  • Free
One sales funnel is available, a deal card and custom fields are set up.
  • CRM+
One sales funnel, robots are available, a deal card and custom fields are configured.
  • Professional
One sales funnel, a deal card and custom fields are set up, all automation is available.

Extra Functionalities

Aside from being a valuable tool for solving business problems, the Bitrix24 CRM functionalities can be expanded to offer a lot more value to your business, using the built-in API.

Some extra functionalities that can be added are:

  1. Cost Calculator app for staff and clients
    An application on your website that estimates the cost of a cleaning/disinfection job, based on the characteristics of the facility to be worked on.

  2. “Supplies Accounting in CRM” app
    Monitor the usage of cleaning supplies( detergents, disinfectants, equipment) and replace/replenish on time. This extension is a perfect addition to help you manage all aspects of your business in Bitrix24.

  3. Cleaning Photo-Report” app for employees -
    A useful application for companies that care about their service quality.
    Appraise work done and analyze lapses, or vice versa, commend and reward smart decisions taken by your staff in the process of providing service to your clients.

  4. Auto-price list” app (website and print out)
    The application generates a price list, which is regularly updated automatically. Thus, your site will always have an up-to-date price list for employees and customers.

Field Descriptions

Start date

the date the transaction was created


a list of employees who can be made responsible for the transaction.


add remarks, comments

Type of service

a pre-prepared list of janitorial, fumigation services to sel ect fr om.


a pre-prepared list of places wh ere janitorial/ disinfection services are required: apartment, production facility, open space, etc


the customer’s address.

Area in square meters

Number of rooms

The area of the space to be worked on

Number of rooms in the apartment, office, etc

Related problems

a pre-prepared list of problems that might be associated with the space to be cleaned

comment on the sanitary condition

leave a comment on the sanitary condition of the facility.


what animals are in the space, how many are there?

date and time of provision of the service, assignment of employees

set the date and time agreed on with the client,

select the job executor

Repeat  transaction

A field that allows you to choose the regularity of a deal (daily, monthly, yearly. You can also se t a custom time frame for which to repeat the transaction.

For one-time deals, simply choose “don’t repeat”

Version 1
An industry-specific ready-to-use CRM for janitorial, disinfection and pest control companies.
With deal stages and entities, sales funnels and client cards that mimic real business processes of the janitorial industry, this CRM will make you feel at home! No learning curve required!

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