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CRMbot — The easy way to interact with your CRM. Use CRMbot for instant reports and interactions with your CRM in a new format.
CRMbot generates instant reports for key indicators for the company, departments, employees. You interact with your CRM via IM. It's totally confidential and secure, since CRMbot does not store data you requested. CRMbot is smart too - the generated reports are based on the user access rights.
Did you like CRMbot? We can develop a personal robot for the needs of your company.
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Version 4
Added full customizable text-based reports based on leads, deals and invoices data.
converted and created leads since 01.01.2016
all deals created this month in stage 'your stage'
To see more examples just send 'help' to CRMBot.

Version 2
Custom reports for leads, deals and invoices added.

Version 1
Initial version

Do you have any questions or need to develop custom bots for your specific needs?
Please contact me at:
To install CRMbot follow this steps:
  1. Install CRMbot from the Marketplace apps list.
  2. Allow bot to access your CRM data.  CRMbot WILL NOT store data.
  3. Instantly access important KPIs