Wazzup (WhatsApp, Telegram, WhatsApp Business API and Instagram)

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Wazzup (WhatsApp, Telegram, WhatsApp Business API and Instagram)

To install, just sign up for Wazzup. You can test the service for free.

Wazzup is a simple WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram integration with Bitrix24. Easily connect in 5 minutes — no developers needed. Sign up for Wazzup and test the service for free.

For any questions, write to our support. Support works 24/7 and responds in 5 minutes.

Chat in messengers directly fr om CRM:

  • A sales rep writes to clients first on WhatsApp and Telegram by phone number

  • A sales rep sees only their own chats, the leader sees everyone’s chat history

  • Contacts and deals for new clients are created automatically

  • Chat history is stored in CRM. An employee will not leave and take their chat history with them on their personal WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram, and you will not lose clients

  • Sales reps write from the same number or from different

Sales reps communicate with clients, not click buttons

On average, sales reps call for an hour and a half per day, another hour is spent filling out the CRM and waiting for deals to be uploaded. Wazzup automates the routine and saves that hour for sales reps. They will have 70% more time to communicate with clients.

The client receives a reply even if their sales rep is on vacation

If a sales rep is sick, on vacation, or leaves the company, you can transfer clients to another employee in just a few clicks.

The sales reps’ chat history stays in the company

Don’t lose clients simply because an employee left and took all their chat history with them on their personal phone. Now all dialogs will be saved in one place — CRM.

No one will say “I didn’t call much because I texted.”

You will know exactly how much, when, and with whom a sales rep corresponded. And the sales rep will know that you know. There will be no more cop-outs.

Sales reps are always in touch with clients

It doesn't matter wh ere a sales rep was caught by a client's message: at the computer or in a traffic jam. In the Wazzup mobile app, you can send and receive text, documents, pictures, voices — everything, just like in WhatsApp and Telegram. All correspondence will be saved in CRM and will be available from the computer.

Pricing plans

The first 3 days are free. More information about pricing plans can be found on our website.

Version 4
New descriptions and screenshots

Version 3

  • Added ability to connect to Open Channels
  • Added the ability to integrate Instagram (direct and comments)
  • Added the ability to automatically send messages through business processes
  • Added new settings
  • Added global chat with all conversations

Version 2
The application allows you to receive and send messages to your customers via WhatsApp directly from Bitrix24 CRM details page.

In the second version of the app, we added additional integration tweaks in the settings.
Description of settings can be found at our website-help.

Version 1
Version 1

To install, just sign up for Wazzup. You can test the service for free.