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A business workflow usually includes a lot of automatable routine

Now, you can improve the workflows you've built in Bitrix24 with Aimylogic smart chatbots.

You can connect any script you create with Aimylogic to any stage in your Bitrix24 workflow. Each script you connect becomes a Bitrix24 automation rule.

In case you haven't connected an automation rule to a Bitrix24 deal, the main script chosen in the will be automatically activated in Bitrix24 Open Channels.With Aimylogic, you can use pre-made scripts, store client's data to your CRM, switch the client from talking to bot to talking to human at any moment, and do other routine tasks.

At the heart of Aimylogic, there are advanced algorithms of machine learning and natural language understanding technologies. Aimylogic chatbots will fit naturally into your business workflow and will make your team's work so much easier. Your chatbots can talk to your clients and provide them with information, process orders, update clients' data in the CRM, and so much more.

For Bitrix24 customers, automation rules are only available with commercial subscription, but you can check them out during the 30-day demo period. Also, all newly registered Aimylogic users get two weeks of free access.

Version 6
Added support for file transfer (Disk)

Version 5
The description for western countries is added.

Aimylogic has multiple ways of customer support

  • Install Aimylogic to your Bitrix24 account
  • Authorize using your Aimylogic login and password
  • As soon as you authorize, a new chatbot script will be automatically created in your AImylogic account. You can use it straight away to process new requests
  • To create any other scripts, go to Aimylogic ( and create a chatbot from scratch, or use a template.