JivoChat to CRM

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JivoChat to CRM

This module connects your Bitrix24 CRM and JivoChat accounts, and enables you to receive incoming messages to your CRM.

How it works:

The module searches for a Bitrix24 entity (deal or contact) for each incoming CHAT. It saves the CHAT to the entity and posts the message to the comment.

There is a free version for small businesses. They can use 5 deals, leads per month by adding them free of charge.

We offer FREE unlimited access when installing for the first time.

If you want use an already existing JivoChat account, you have to make a purchase.

There are 3 packages.

1.) Free

2.) New user - Free

3.) Pro pack - 1 YEAR / 120USD

There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

For more enquiries and to purchase the module, please install app.

Version 2
In order for Jivochat customer representatives and Bitrix24 employees to match their customers correctly, mail authorization is requested for user authorization.

Version 1
Get incoming CHAT from JivoChat into your CRM

You can reach us from the in-app help link.
If you wish, you can write your questions at info@izofis.com.
Complete standard installation at Bitrix24.Market and proceed with the following steps:

For Bitrix24 administrator:

Authorize JivoChat application for your Bitrix24 CRM.

Enter the new JivoChat account or you make a purchase.

Configure settings for adding a Lead or a Deal.