MyHub Android Call

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MyHub Android Call
MyHub, LLC
MyHub Android Call is a mobile app intended to transfer data from smartphone into Bitrix24 CRM, using your current Android phone number.
MyHub integration with Bitrix24 via easy configuration without the need for the additional modules.
What you gain:
  • Make calls directly from Bitrix24 interface in one click
  • An inbound call to an Android phone number will show a call ID screen to a respective user in Bitrix24
  • When a call is completed, the call and the record are stored in Bitrix24
  • Listen to call recordings using Bitrix24 interface
MyHub advantages:
  • High-speed: the call connection is established as fast as possible (no delay time)
  • Sustainable: even if no internet, the phone call will keep working and will sync data when has internet access
  • Easy to setup: in just 5 minutes. The details are on the Install tab.
For more details:

Version 1
This application allows users to initiate calls on Android Phone (use mobile SIM) from Bitrix24. This application allows users to initiate calls on Android Phone (use mobile SIM) from Bitrix24. Additionally, when an incoming call occurs, the customer record will pop up in the Bitrix24 CRM and an activity box will also be opened. Recap, this plugin allows: [LIST] [*][B]Click to Call[/B]: Launch calls straight from the Bitrix24 [*][B]Call Pop-ups[/B]: The customer record will show up automatically [/LIST] For a more detailed: [URL=][/URL]

MyHub offers 24/7 support
  1. Phone support (+84 909 978 466)
  2. Direct chat
  3. Community Group
  4. Our email:
  5. Skype: get.more_become.more
Installation is so easy with 4 steps:
  1. Configuring Bitrix24
  2. Sign up MyHub
  3. Install MyHub App on Android Phone
  4. MyHub Server Side Integration
For more details:
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