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Tanca HR
Tanca HR

Tanca helps you manage their employee scheduling, leave management, time & attendance tracking, staff communication, payroll, and performance management. Tanca is supplied to more than 57,000 workspaces globally across 30 different industries. Get started for free today!

- Send Notifications
- Scheduling, Shift Swap, Find replacements
- Manage in/out and location
- See Who's Working
- Approve requests for leave, overtime, advance, additional work...
- Manage your private tasks, team, and project
- Personel records management
- Manage company calendar
- Instant reports

- Time tracking by Wifi, GPS
- Synchronize Attendance Machine & AI Camera
- Keep your work schedule.
- Request to change shift, register shift for next week.
- Manage attendance history, working time
- Send Requests for leave, overtime, payment, advance, additional work...
- Understand the tasks assigned by the manager
- Leave balance
- View payslip
- Set up reminders to remind attendance
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Version 2

Sync department data from Bitrix24 to TancaHR

Sync employee data from Bitrix24 to TancaHR

Version 1
Tanca is Vietnam's leading online human resource management application. We will help your organization with Attendance Management, Automated Payroll, Employee Performance Management, Hiring Management.

Address: 1st Floor, HDBank building, 145 Le Quang

Dinh, Ward14, Bình Thanh District, HCMC

Hotline: (+84) 899.1999.54 or 0995.557.557(Zalo)


How can Bitrix24 & Tanca work?

  1. Synchronized Register system, you only need an account from Bitrix24 to access Tanca.
  2. The organization system (department) is also synchronized with Tanca.
  3. You can Clock in/out on Tanca, and the data will be viewed on Bitrix24.
  4. You can connect HR reports from Tanca to Bitrix24.

How to install

  1. Click Install on Bitrix24
  2. If you have Tanca’s account, please log in. If not, please register with a Bitrix24 account.
  3. Type your information and complete the process.
  4. On Bitrix24 Screen, check your menu.