Zoho migration

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Now you can migrate your CRM data fr om ZohoCRM to Bitrix24.  

You can transfer the following entities to Bitrix24:

  1. Users
  2. Leads
  3. Accounts
  4. Contacts
  5. Deals
  6. Tasks
  7. Events
  8. Calls

Select Bitrix department wh ere your current Zoho users will be transferred and start the import. All your ZohoCRM entity fields will be saved in Bitrix24. The import progress can be seen on the import page. You will receive the information about current import status via Bitrix24 notifications and email after the import of each entity is completed. The import process will be run in the background and may take a significant amount of time.


Once you start importing Zoho CRM data, the process cannot be paused or stopped until fully completed. Please make sure that you have provided all the required information before starting migration.

Version 3
Version 3

Version 2
Erhöht wurde die Geschwindigkeit der Datenmigration. Hinzugefügt wurde
die Möglichkeit, Fehler zu protokollieren und die Logdatei nach CSV zu
exportieren. Die Migration kann jetzt angehalten werden, wenn die
Autorisierung in Bitrix24 oder Zoho verloren geht (ein erneuter
Zugriff auf die App ist dann erforderlich, um den Prozess fortzusetzen).

Version 1
Zoho migration

Complete standard installation at Bitrix24.Market and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Enter login and password.
  2. Choose your account domain zone.
  3. Sel ect the entities you want to import fr om ZohoCRM. Leave the default settings unchanged to import all data.
  4. Start import. Data import will begin if all parameters are entered correctly.